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About us Ripple International

About us

We are in the business of glassware, inspired by its beauty, functionality, usefulness, and social and economic connectedness.

Our glass products include crystal red and white wine glasses, champagne glasses, cocktail and margarita glasses, water goblet, beer pilsner, high ball tumbler and on-the-rock glasses, just to name a few, which are superbly fit for existing and new hotels, restaurants and cafés, pubs and bars etc. for food and drink services, while in the meantime, they are equally suitable for our own use at home, and perfect too as corporate gifts for business partners and customers, and as personal gifts for your loved ones.

We believe in value. We try hard to deliver the best value to our clients. It means, for our business clients and partners, your maximized profit; for individual buyers, the best value for your money; and for gift givers, your best impression and long-lasting relationships.

We are not standing still. We keep learning to be more innovative. We keep our mind open and blank for new possibilities to serve even better value to you.